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1031 Barton St. E.

Hamilton, Ontario L8L 3E2


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Hamilton Area Steelworkers Action Centre

Helping Steelworkers rejoin the workforce since 2000

Who are we?

Our committee is an employement adjustment committee set up by the Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council. The committee provides job search and re-employement assistance to any laid off steelworker from any USW Local affiliated with the Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council.

The committee has assisted steelworkers from 33 USW Locals. We are currently servicing thousands of laid off steelworkers who have been affected by plant closures or major downsizing.

The committee is sponsered by and funded by the Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities(MTCU) and by companies, where there is significant downsizing and the USW Local is able to negotiate a package of support for the adjustment process.

To sum up, the committee provides newly unemployed workers with a co-operative self help approach to dealing with the difficulties of unemployement, ongoing support and counseling during their job search and access to adjustment services that create a more orderly approach to re-employement.

1031 Barton Street E.
Hamilton, Ontario
L8L 3E3

Phone: 905-548-9197
Toll Free: 877-264-4344
Fax: 905-548-6446
Email: info@hasac.ca
Website: www.hasac.ca

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