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  • President’s Message – September 2014


[P-1 and P-5] Running Tank cars until Jan 2015 possibly into the second week of February 2015

[P-2] Thru sill hoppers until mid-October 2014, after a 2 week changeover to 800 smaller hoppers until April 2015 then a changeover to Pellet cars running until January 2016.

[P-3] Gondolas are starting up and will run until the second week of December 2014. This line will experience a short layoff over Christmas when Flat cars will begin in early January and run until October 2015.

[P-7] 5 packs will run until the first week of October then changeover to 3 Packs until October 2015.

Myself, and the executive would like to welcome back all our laid off members, this last round was longer than expected and can be difficult for most. We would also wish to welcome our new hires. We ask that our more senior members help guide our new Brothers and Sisters in getting adjusted to our work place environment. We can all remember our first days when we struggled. When we show them how to work safely we are protecting everyone from hazards, Teach them how to work efficiently to reduce rework which in turn helps the whole line achieve piecework, show them where the lunchrooms, washrooms and break areas are, where to get tools, food and water. Helping others will build a strong Union. When you are there for them now, they will be there for you later.

Although we use the term “Not in the Union” for your probationary period, new members should know that you are a Steelworker from day one, and are welcome to attend the Union meetings and have full voting rights. We recommend picking up a contract book from HR and asking your area steward any questions you may have. The USW has many benefits outside of our workplace that include the Action Centre, Training programs and Scholarships. Please feel free to stop by the Union Hall at 350 Kenilworth Ave. N to learn more as well as attend our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 4:30.

I would like to thank all the members and their families that took the time to march in the Labour Day parade. It is your support that makes the day worth the effort put forward by the Social Committee, A special thank you to the members of the Social Committee who don’t just do the work themselves but include their wives and children to make it a whole family affair. As usual the day was successful and in fact we had many other Unions approach us to tell us that Local 7135 had the best presentation in the park.

A reminder for all members who park their vehicles in the lot, as our workforce grows in size we must focus our attention to safety while entering and exiting the parking lot. I understand that most people are in a rush after a hard days work but please spend the extra few seconds in driving in a safe manner.

An update for everyone on our pension assets. The company has continued to make the regular payments and special payments. From December 31st 2011 the market value of assets was $96,821,000. At the end of July 2014 the total is $122,471,000 an increase of $25,650,000. Only the low interest rates have slowed it’s growth but it does continue to improve.

In Solidarity,
Bob Pelletier

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