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  • President’s Message – March 2013

We have received the draft of the Blue Cross benefit plan from the company and have taken action with a preliminary overview. We have found minor differences that we are presenting to the company for explanation and correction. We are also contacting the International Union for assistance in obtaining a professional benefits specialist who can thoroughly inspect the document for further errors.

I would like to take this time to honour a member who is retiring shortly: Maurice Rozon, who began with National Steel Car over 40 years ago and has been a major contributor to our local union. Maurice not only served as a past president, but also on many committees such as the Grievance Committee, the Negotiation Committee and most notably, as the Chair of the Compensation Committee. His experience and knowledge will be greatly missed.

Thank you, Maurice Rozon!

We have began to discuss this summer’s plant shutdown and the company is tentatively looking at the last week of July and the first week of August. We hope to confirm this shortly.


· P1 – 675 Tri Levels until the end of June.
· P2 – Possible Hopper Cars but not yet confirmed.
· P3 – 600 Bi Levels for GATX, BNSF, and UP until the end of August.
· P5 – 750 Gondolas until the second week of September.
· P7 – No orders.
· 1329 Active employees with 384 currently laid off. New hires will begin in April once all laid off employees have returned.

In solidarity,

Bob Pelletier

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