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  • President’s Message, June 2017

It’s great to see more of our members about to return to work from layoffs. Our goal is to see everyone back to work in the near future.

P-1: At this time, there are no confirmed orders for this production line. The company has stated that they are working on grain cars for this line, but nothing yet has been confirmed.

P-2: The order we are currently working on will run until the third week of June, 2017. The company has informed us that that they are working on another order for this line, and that there is interest in cars, but as of yet, nothing has been confirmed.

P-3: The pellet cars order we are currently producing will be completed the end of May, 2017. There will a be production of Potash cars that will follow this order, but there is a possibility of a short layoff during the transition set up.

P-5: This production line will be producing 133- 3 pack well cars (total of 399 units). This order will run until the second week of October, 2017. We have also been informed that there is currently potential for additional orders for this car type, but as of now, no extension has yet been announced.

P-7: The company has informed us that they are working on an order for 500 stainless steel cars for the pulp and paper industry. This order was secure enough to announce only a few week ago, but there has been a sale of the customers company, and this has caused delays in the confirmation of the order at this time. The company remains positive about this order, but as of yet, there is no further information in the process at this time.

The company has been working with our JH&SC pertaining to the new globally harmonized WHMIS system. The new legislation must be made aware to all employees, and all employees will be given this upgraded training as they are called back from layoffs, and the employees that are currently working will be given this two hour training package in the near future. All employees must have this training, and our JH&SC will ensure that this is done in accordance of the legislation.

Holiday pay will be deposited on the second week of July, 2017, and as posted in the plant, the shutdown will be July 31, through August 11, 2017, with a return to work date of August 14, 2017. Please keep in mind that there is a long weekend that will be paid in this period, so make sure you work you qualifying days, or have the proper arraignments made with the company prior to these dates.

As Announced and advertised, we had planed a 50th Anniversary event at Christies Conservation Area, and asked our members to R.S.V.P. to make sure we have the numbers and interest to run this event in these difficult times.

Sadly, we have had a very poor response, and therefore the social committee, along with the executive officers, have decided to postpone this event until next year when we hope to have a much better work situation and see our members back in the plant.

In Solidarity,
Steve Weller
President, USW Local 7135

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