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  • President’s Message – June 2015

For more details, please access the June 2015 Newsletter here.

I would like to start this report by thanking all the people that supported me for the position of President in the Executive elections, and I will assure the membership that this Executive remains committed to serving our members in a professional and reliable manner.

P-1 and P-5 lines are currently good until the end of October 2015. It was reported to us at the last Union Management meeting that there have been slow downs on this car type for orders due to the price of oil, being so low right now, and the costs that are associated with pulling the oil from the sands, as well as the issues that the governments are having making final decisions on the tank car Safety upgrades, and time lines on the service life of these rail cars. It looks like these concerns are being finalised soon, and the inquiries for these cars are starting to come in now, so it still looks positive for these cars, and we are expecting more orders soon.

P-2 is currently running Hopper cars, and will change over to potash cars during the shutdown, and will remain steady and run with some minor changeovers to various car sizes until well into 2016.

P-3 will be running Pellet cars, and will remain steady and run with some minor change overs until well into 2016.

P-7 will continue running Well car until the end of November 2016.

We have been informed that our vacation pays will be out on July 17th, 2015.

The Hot weather season is here. Please take care when working in the heat. In this newsletter, there is a safety article about working in the heat for your information. Please take the time to educate yourself on the facts of working in the heat for your own protection, and report any symptoms of heat exhaustion to your supervisor and medical department immediately.

We have had discussions with the company pertaining to the new punch clocks, and will be receiving information from the manufacturer and supplier on these clocks. We will inform the membership of our findings as soon as we finish our investigation in this matter.

Don’t forget that the golf tournament is coming up this month on June 27th. Please get your money in, and I have been told that there is still room for registration. Don’t miss out on a great time. More information can be found on the advertisement in this newsletter.

Please stay away from the stairway in the prep lunchroom, and respect our non-smoking members.

In Solidarity,
Steve Weller

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