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  • President’s Message – June 2014

I would first like to wish everyone a safe vacation shutdown. Please remember that safety is always the first priority for you, your friends and especially your family. We are also looking forward to the impending call back of all our laid off members after the shutdown as the company order book looks very promising.

We would like to remind everyone wishing to qualify for the tanker car orders to please put your name forward at Human Resources.

As per the Collective Bargaining Agreement in the Letters of Understanding:

On page 88 the Company has the right to increase the rates of any of the Skilled Occupations. It was agreed to with the assistance of the executive and input from members of the skilled trades department to increase the wages of some of the skilled trades.

And on Page 94 regarding Technological Change, we have agreed to with the company to new skill classifications that are required for the tank cars.

Copies of the CBA are available to all at either the Union Hall or in Human Resources.

June 24th is the anniversary of our CBA and each year of our contract we receive a raise in our wages. This year’s raise is 1.75%. Please check your CBA for your exact amount.

I would like to remind everyone that due to the Shutdown those in attendance at our May Monthly meeting voted to cancel the July Membership Meeting. Our next Membership meeting will be Held on August 5th.

I would like to finish by congratulating the elected Stewards, both the incumbents and newly elected. Thank you in advance for volunteering your time. Please refer to the list of Stewards in this newsletter if you require assistance, remember it’s your right to have representation. Our executive is always available for any questions or concerns.

In Solidarity,

Bob Pelletier

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