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  • President’s Message – January 2014

[P-1] 60′ Box Cars will run until the first week of March.
[P-2] Potash Cars will run until the third week of May.
[P-3] Possibility of moving the Open Top Hoppers from P7 to this line.
[P-5] Tank cars will run until the third week of August.
[P-7] 279 Flat Cars run until the third week of March, followed by 157 Open Top Hoppers.

It has been reported to us that the construction of the ovens for the Tank cars is currently on schedule.

On behalf of the Executive, I want to welcome all of our members back from there holidays, and wish everyone a happy New Year. We hope that you have enjoyed your holidays with your families and friends.
We have purchased touques for all of our members, and they are available at the Union Hall. Please feel free to come by and pick one up at any time.

Inside this edition of your Newsletter, you will find a calendar for your use throughout the year, that has all of our meeting dates highlighted for your convenience. We would like to see more of our members out at these meetings, as this is when we make decisions regarding the direction that the Membership wants to take in many issues. It is important that you have a vote in what is going on within your Locals day to day operations. Currently, only 2.5% of our Membership is deciding on issues for the other 97.5% of our Members. Come on out to the meetings and give your vote a voice.

Also keep in mind that in order to run for any Union position, you must have a minimum of 8 meetings in the past two years in order to qualify for the election. Any members that are interested in running for a Steward position in the spring should be aware of this fact. For any further information on these facts, contact your Shop Steward or any member of the Executive.

We still have been receiving many complaints about the smoking in the lunchroom areas. We ask that you show some consideration to your fellow Brothers and Sisters, and refrain from smoking in these areas.

As we look forward to the New Year, we hope to see improvements in all of our lives. I would ask that we also reflect on how fortunate we are as Steelworkers, to have the benefits that we sometimes take for granted. Please take the time to lend a hand, and help out who you can, because we all can help somebody less fortunate than us.

In Solidarity,

Bob Pelletier
USW Local 7135 President

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