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  • President’s Message – January 2013

I would like to welcome everyone back from the Christmas holidays and hope that all were able to spend some quality time with their families.

I am saddened to report the loss of a brother over the break. Richard Rochan passed away suddenly just before Christmas. Richard worked in the Quality department before switching to 270 to be a welder where he also served us as a Union Representative. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

We recently made a request to have coat hangers installed in the washrooms for people to hang their jackets while using the facilities. The company agreed and these were installed. Unfortunately, someone has vandalized these hooks and some are now missing. Not only will it be difficult to ask the company to replace this convenience, but future courtesy requests will be scrutinized. Vandalism of company property is disrespectful and will not be tolerated. We should take better pride in our work place.

We had our Union/Management meeting on January 8, 2013:

P1 – 675 Tri levels until the first week of June – hopeful for more. This line will return to 2 shifts in mid February
P2 – Potash until the second week of February
P3 – 300 Flat cars until the third week of February with two shifts; 600 Bi-level cars until August
P5 – Starting in early March, Rotary Dump cars one shift until September
P7 – No orders, but hopefully in February or March we will return to the Well cars.
The company is laying off 150 people who are, however, expected to return in 5 to 6 weeks where we will be in a hiring position.

Thank you.
Bob Pelletier

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