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  • President’s Message – February 2014

[P-1] 60’ Box Cars will run until the 2nd week of March. Looking to begin tank cars by the end of April

[P-2] Potash Cars will run until the third week of May but going 2 shifts mid-March.

[P-3] 155 Open Top Hoppers starting the 3rd week of March hoping for add-ons.

[P-5] Tank cars will run until the end of October.

[P-7] 279 Flat Cars run until the third week of March, there is hope for 3 packs.

The company will try to minimize any possible layoffs, with training on the tanker cars.

Unfortunately we lost a member this month. Brother Henryk Grzechnik was well liked and highly respected by many. Henryk was approaching 19 years of service with National Steel Car. Our condolences to his friends and family.

The company has reported to us that members are not to park in the laneways in the parking lot and are subject to being ticketed and towed. We ask that everyone use the proper parking spots to avoid this from happening. We are also concerned with the safety of members having to walk in the reduced laneways because of the improperly parked vehicles we ask those members entering or exiting the parking lot be aware of your fellow workers.

We had a great time on this years Ice Fishing trip, and I was happy to see the large group of members that attended. This was an extremely well run event, and we are looking forward to doing it again next year. Thanks to Joe Paquette for all his hard work in making this so successful.

In Solidarity,

Bob Pelletier, USW Local 7135 President

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