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  • President’s Message – February 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Contract Books (CBA) are now available for our members to pick up at the human resources department.

We are aware that there have been problems with our new benefit plan for some of our members. We have addressed the concerns pertaining to our optical benefits and this has been corrected so that the members will no longer have any problems with this benefit in the future.

We are dealing with the drug coverage issues on a case by case scenario. We have found that the cases that have been brought forward to the company and our local were able to be resolved rather quickly, and in some cases immediately. Some of the problems that are being brought forward are as a result of the pharmacy not billing correctly. To-date we have not had any concerns brought forward that we have not been able to correct. If you experience any problems, report them as soon as possible.

The company has informed us that the new benefit booklets will be available by the end of the month. If you require any benefit forms, they are available on our website.

We recently made a request to have coat hangers installed in the washrooms for people to hang their jackets while using the facilities. The company agreed and these have been installed. Unfortunately, someone has vandalized these hooks and some are now missing. Not only will it be difficult to ask the company to replace this convenience, but future requests will be scrutinized. There have also been reports of vandalism to our vending machines in the plant. If this persists, we will lose these machines. Vandalism and theft are not appropriate and we do not want to see gate checks and video cameras installed due to the disrespectful acts of a few people.

We will be advertising to fill a position for a part-time Equity Officer at our Union Hall. This position is required as part of a settlement that was made relating to a Human Rights case in 1997. We have selected a hiring team as directed in this settlement and will be accepting applications in writing at the Union Hall for this position. For more information, please contact the Union Hall.


P-1: We are currently running 675 Tri Levels that should run until the end of June 2013. This line will return to two shifts soon. The Company is hopeful for more of these cars.

P-2: The Potash orders are done and the Company is hopeful for Open Top Hoppers.

P-3: We will be producing 600 Bi-level Cars beginning in March that will run until the second week of September. There is a possibility of more Flat Cars.

P-5: starting in early March, we will be running 750 Rotary Dump Cars. This will run on one shift until September 2013. The company is hopeful for Gondolas on this line.

P-7 Currently there are no orders.

The Company has laid off 400 workers who are expected to return in 2 to 6 weeks when we will be in a hiring position again.

In solidarity,

Bob Pelletier

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