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  • President’s Message – March 2015

For more details, please access the March 2015 Newsletter here.

P-1 & P-5: Various Orders of the 29K tank Car will run until September 2015, and the 31K tank Car Orders will be in production until March 2015.

P-2: Thru- sills will run until the second week of July 2015.This line will then change over to Pellet Hoppers that will run until February 2016. This change over may move the shutdown ahead, and we will keep you informed. This line will change back to Thru-sill Cars and run until August 2016.

P-3: This line will run Flat Cars for TTX until the second week of April 2015, then change over to run Potash Cars starting on the 1st week of May 2015. This Potash type car will then run until November 2016 with the possibilities of more of this car type.

P-7: we will be running the Three packs for TTX until May 2016. There is a possibility for additional orders that would take this line until November 2016.

As you can see from this report, we do have a full order book for some time, but short layoffs are a reality in the transition periods, so please keep this mind and plan for them.

Nominations for all Executive positions within our Local will be presented at this month’s general monthly meeting to be held on March 10th 2015. We have selected an election committee at the February meeting, and this committee will be posting all nominees in the plant in the very near future.

Summer shutdown dates will be posted at the end of this month, but keep in mind that the P-2 dates may change. Vacations outside of these shutdowns, must be authorized in advance, and make sure you have your authorization slips for your holidays.

Due to the difficulty in understanding our paystubs, any members in P-5 and the steel prep area should ask their supervisor what they are being paid, and how they are being booked each shift, and keep a record of this. This will help us in resolving any differences.

Please also keep in mind that a paid lunch will not be paid unless your Forman approves it. This is the same for overtime, it also will not be paid unless your Forman approves it, so make sure that you that have proper approval, and keep a record of this.

We are proud to announce that the gate collection for Gary Hayes was very successful, and it goes to show the generosity of our members. Together with the Labour council’s donations, we collected $2922.45. As stated, after 2600.00 was paid out to the Chedoke Prosthetic Department, a donation of $322.45 was made on our members behalf to the War Amps of Canada

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