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  • President’s Message – December 2013

Due to recent events that we were made aware of on Friday November 15th the Union felt the need to communicate with our members.

Our executive would like to reassure our members that in a meeting held on Friday the company informed the executive along with our USW staff representative and a representative from our National office that here at National Steel Car it will operate its business as usual.

We are actively monitoring this situation and will keep the membership informed of any new relevant information as it becomes available. We would like to remind everyone that due to the dedication and hard work of USW Local 7135 members we are the top quality rail car builders in North America.

We ask all members to focus on performing their jobs to the best of their ability and look forward to continuing to build many good quality cars.


P1 – Box Car until 3rd week of January with a possible add on, then starting up Tank cars in April.
P2 – Potash 1 shift until 3rd week January then 2 shifts to the 4th week of April.
P3 – Thrusills until the 2nd week of December.
P5 – 10 Tank cars until the new year then an add on of 300 hoping to increase to producing 4 a day.
P7 – 279 Flat cars starting in January then 130 Open top hoppers until May.

In solidarity,


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