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  • President’s Message – April 2015

For more details, please access the April 2015 Newsletter here.

There are no new orders to report this month, and all lines are operating as previously reported.

Please note that the shut will be three weeks long for the personnel in P-2.

New punch clocks will be installed in the steel prep area for a trial run. These time clocks will in no way record or store your fingerprints. These units operate on the lower levels in your fingers that can only be read and verified with these types of scanners. This is a pilot program to test these clocks out, and see if they will hold up to our environment in the plant.

I am sad to report, that due to a few inconsiderate people, seven video cameras will be installed in and around the steel prep lunchroom. Employees caught smoking in the lunch room areas will receive a mandatory 5 day suspension for the first offence.

The company has also informed us that copies of the video surveillance will be provided to a Tobacco enforcement officer of Hamilton, who may decide to fine or charge the employee violating the city bylaws.

As many of you know, the elections for the Union Executives will be held on April 29th. All Union members in good standings can vote. This means if you have just started at NSC, you can vote, if you are laid off you can vote, if you have never been to a Union meeting, you can vote for the Executive candidate of your choice.

This is the time for the silent majority to vote for whom they want to represent for the next three years, and it’s time for our silent senior Union members to educate our newer members in the differences of the old Union way of thinking and the one of working together to ensure a more positive and prosperous future for all of our members and their families.

I am not running for any position in these elections, but can assure everyone that any non-successful candidates that are currently in office, will respect the decisions of the membership and ensure a proper hand off to all newly elected executives.

So in solidarity going forward, I urge you all to get out and exercise your right to elect your representatives. Do not let a small minority of the people, have the say for the majority. Please vote responsibly.

In Solidarity,
Bob Pelletier

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