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  • President’s Message – April 2014

[P-1] Tank cars until the 2nd week in August with a newly signed order of 140 until mid September.

[P-2] An extension of 50 cars have been added to the existing order taking it to the 2nd week in October then transition to 200 of a different size hopper which will last until mid December.

[P-3] Open top hoppers until the last week of May then a two week transition for 200 Gondolas for AIM good until the end of August then 300 Gondolas for BSNF until the 2nd week of December. This line is expected to be two shifts by August.

[P-5] Tank cars until the end of October.

[P-7] 200 5 pack well cars for TTX until the 1st week of September. Expected to be two shifts towards the end of May.

April is the month in which we recognize those who died on the job. Every year our local places a wreath at the monument at City Hall. Please join us this year in attending the ceremony on April 28th at 5:00 PM.

There has been much talk about the process to become qualified to work on the Tank Cars. To become qualified you must inform the company that you wish to be considered for an opening and be able to pass the in house all position tests. We encourage all members to obtain additional qualifications whenever the opportunity arises.

We are expecting the ordered union cards to be delivered in May, Once they arrive we will announce it in the newsletter.

The two week shutdown has been posted as the first two weeks in July and we have received confirmation that the vacation pay will be processed for July 4th.

On behalf of the Executive I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Please take the extended weekend to focus on your family and friends and enjoy your time with them.

In Solidarity,
Bob Pelletier

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