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  • President’s Message – April 2013

On April 8th we had our meeting with FSCO in regards to our pension plan and advocated what was agreed to during our contract negotiations. Non-bargaining members of the company will now be informed and be able to express their opinion on their part of the pension.

A long time member of our Union, Gary Hayes became ill and was hospitalized. Brother Hayes who started with National Steel Car in 1970 is doing better but will not be returning to work and is retiring. Gary is now accepting visitors. Anyone who can find the time to visit would be appreciated. We will be holding a collection at the tool rooms on April 19th.

Shawn McMullen has accepted the role of Compensation Committee Chairman and will be available on Wednesdays and Fridays in the hall to assist any members with WSIB claims. Shawn is very competent and has the benefit of many resources to ensure the best possible representation.

The company has posted a notice with regards to vandalism to the microwaves and vending machines. The supplier will no longer accept damage being caused to their equipment and has stated that further acts of vandalism will result in the removal of this equipment. The vendor is a small business operator and the cost to them is becoming excessive. Someone has been placing metal pop cans wrapped in tinfoil in the microwaves, this is not only destructive but dangerous to persons in the area. There is no reason anyone should engage in acts that would cause harm, or cause our members to lose this privilege.

Smoking is not acceptable in the lunchroom, please show respect to your Union Brothers while they use the lunchroom to eat and get away from the smoke filled plant floor. Exiting the parking lot is becoming an issue. Please leave room for cars entering so as to avoid gridlock.


  • P1 – Tri Levels until the end of June, Possible 600 Box cars.
  • P2 – Possible Hopper Cars but not yet confirmed.
  • P3 – Bi Levels for GATX (200), BNSF (200), One 10 hour shift until July.
  • P5 – 750 Gondolas until the second week of September, Possible more Gondolas.
  • P7 – Possible Tank cars.

1570 Active employees. Shutdown is to be moved up to the beginning of July, the company will be posting information of our vacation shutdown shortly, pay being issued on mid July.

In solidarity,


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