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Where do we vote?

The trailer is under the overpass on Burlington St. Please obey the members directing Pedestrians.

What time can I vote?

Voting will be open from 4am Monday morning until Midnight.

When will we know the results?

The results should be ready by Noon on Tuesday.

If the result is NO are we on strike?

The legal strike date is July 4th 2016.

If the result is YES when does the contract take affect?

The contract would be retroactive to June 24th 2016.

Hey boys. So I am a member of the Contract Action Team. I have been in DIRECT contact with the negotiating committee about several issues that are coming up, and there are a lot of questions right now. The committee has been working 12 plus hours a day negotiating, and they are in the heat of the most crucial monetary discussions RIGHT NOW. So listen up boys! I am going to try and deal with the biggest issues and questions, so they can focus on what matters, getting us the contract we DESERVE. From my talks directly with the negotiating committee, things are going as planned, Negotiating is going well! As soon as there is a serious Hiccup. You will all be informed!

There have been ZERO contract policy releases so far from the committee. Not one, zip, nothing. No cuts to pay, no signing bonuses, no extended proby hours. Its all crap, total crap. This contract is huge for everyone. You know how things go at steel car, rumors fly, lips are loose, so if you have heard anything, guess what. Its not true. I have been hearing overwhelmingly from the guys… well we had more info last time etc. Well this time, discretion i…s ESSENTIAL. Last contract Facebook discussion was a non thing. We were not having these fiery debates about this issue and that. So info that gets thrown out there didn’t make it all over the internet. You know what’s happened already? The COMPANY negotiating committee members have confronted ours with Facebook posts and comments FROM OUR PAGE. They are watching everything we do. You really want our guys getting accused of bargaining in bad faith? You know how to make that happen? Put negotiating content on here! And how will you be able to be informed to vote properly? Because for the first time, there is a 48 hour cooling period between the contract being released and our chance to vote. There will be no crappy contract shoved down our throats in a hasty ill informed vote. 2 FULL DAYS to think about it.

There’s been crazy confusion as to how long we work, do we stop working on Friday? Is it true we are stuck working until july 3rd? So here are the FACTS. Although our contract expires on June 24th, In order to be able to stop work, and strike, you have to file what’s called a no board report with the government, which the STAFF REP is responsible for. This WAS filed, and in the past it has been processed immediately. However, unknowing to EVERY…ONE involved, the ministries staff has been cut by more then 50 percent, and there is now a longer processing time for the No Board application which is unprecedented. That means, as of right now, we are in a position to strike legally as of JULY 3rd. I’ve heard several things from guys… “why didn’t the committee apply on time!” “I heard the company is behind this delay and the union gave in to squeeze an order out” TOTALLY not the case. The change in government protocol means we have no choice but to wait until that date to strike. Which means, we are working until at least then, under the old contract.

When and where are we meeting to vote and discuss? The Negotiating committee has booked the Hamilton Convention Centre for THIS Saturday but there has been no official meeting set up yet, as there is no offer yet! The SOONEST we will be meeting is this Saturday, and because of the 48 hour cooling period after receiving an offer, the SOONEST we will be voting is Monday. The trailer has been brought out front for us to use for voting. There are several possible votes coming up, and we need to be ready and set up ahead of time for those events! When a vote comes up, you WILL BE INFORMED, through handouts, drop calls, and on facebook.

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