• Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Benefits & WSIB will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • [email protected]
1031 Barton St. E.

Hamilton, Ontario L8L 3E2


Toll Free Number

USW 7135

Educational Report

We have had a very successful year educating our membership. We will be continuing our education program this year, and will be posting new course opportunities from the Steelworkers, Mohawk Collage, our Action Center, and many other sources on our web site under the education section.

You will also find on our website a new Union Bursary Program that could pay $1500.00 in tuition fees for you or one of your family members. There are also the Steelworker Scholarships on the site as well.

We also have a direct contact within the MTCU (Ministry of Trades, Collages, and Universities). This has been extremely helpful for many of our members that are looking to upgrade or challenging TSSA qualification testing.

We will be running an actual WHIMS training course for all of our members that wish to get certified in this program. This course will be running on Saturday February 22nd, 2014 at our Union Hall. For more information or to book a seat, contact [email protected].

We will be running Level One and Level Two Occupational Health and Safety courses, as well as different levels of Steward training following the WHIMIS program.

If anyone has any educational needs or questions, please feel free to contact the Union Hall at any time.

Free Hamilton Area Steelworkers Action Centre Services

On behalf of the committee we have made a list of the following requirements to help prepare individuals that are looking for training because they are considering a career change and/or skills upgrading.

To the best of your ability; ALL of these requirements must be met.

  • Must be formerly employed at an USW organized workplace.(Once a steelworker, Always a steelworker)
  • A needs assessment at our Action Centre.
  • Attend one of our Job Shop Workshops
  • Have a resume
  • Complete a detailed job search.
  • Complete a training request form with a clear understanding of what the completion of the training will accomplish for you.
  • Examples(Job postings) of employment opportunities in the field of work you are considering. This would include job postings, advertisements and/or letters from employers.

If you are interested, contact the committee for an appointment to find out what you need to do to become “approval ready”.

In Solidarity,

Hamilton Area Steelworkers Adjustment Committee

The list below outlines the FREE services that are available to you at the HASAC.

  • Fall Arrest/Protection
  • Job Shop Workshop
  • Fax Machine
  • First Aid
  • One on One Interview Workshop
  • Photocopier
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Computer Familiarization
  • Smart Serve
  • TOWES Assessment
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Job Boards
  • Forklift Re-certification
  • Needs Assessment
  • Resume Creation

Workplace Insurance Training 2013

  • Course
  • WSIB – Rights & Obligations Level 1 (12 hours) LABRUN026
    Jan. 26, 27: 9am- 4pm
    $84.60 + $35 Materials
  • WSIB – Benefits & Services Level 2 (12 hours) LABRUN027
    Feb. 2, 3: 9am-4pm
    $84.60 + $35 Materials
  • Advanced Strategies 2 Part 1 (20 hours) LABR10087
    Feb. 8, 15: 6pm – 9pm
    Feb 9, 16: 9am – 5pm
    $139.80 + $65 Materials
  • Return to Work (36 hours) LABRUN023
    Mar. 1, 8: 6pm – 9pm
    Mar. 2, 9, 10, 16: 9am – 4pm
    $253.80 + $90 Materials
  • Field Placement – Advocacy WORK10075
    40 Hours
  • Field Placement – Disability Prevention WORK10076
    40 Hours

Who Should Attend?

WSIB Representatives, RTW Specialists, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Workplace Leadership, Union Stewards


Worker Education Centre

1130 Barton St. East, Hamilton, Ontario


To register go to: http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/continuing-education/

Or phone: 1-888-385-4295

Course Fee: Paid directly to Mohawk

Material Fee: Payable to Solidarity Place Inc(given to instructor on first day)

More info: www.odrt.ca

Questions: Clarence MacPherson / [email protected] or 416-441-7654

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