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Proposed Tentative Agreement 2020

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U.S.W Local 7135 1031 Barton Street East Hamilton ON L8H 4T3

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The prospective Members that represent our Negotiation Committee 2020, have met to begin the process in preparation of our next round of bargaining. These meetings have been very productive and significant progress has been made in requesting information, setting up meetings with financial advisers, lawyers and Steelworker representatives involved in the bargaining support process.
The prospective committee is in the process of reviewing the documentation from previous bargaining proposals, grievances and issues we have encountered in the term of this CBA.
We will be putting out departmental surveys to address the issues and concerns of all our members. We understand that each department has needs to be addresses that are unique and specific, and your input in these surveys will help give us clear direction as to what our proposal needs to present.
These surveys are critical to the process and will be a large part of our proposal and will generally inform us as to the agenda we take along with our proposal to the company.
We understand that social media is a great way to communicate with family and friends, but these social media sites can also lead to misinformation allowing for rumours to grow and spread, and generally invites opinions to be directed as fact. We have set up a bargaining information section in our local union website that will contain messages from the bargaining committee updated as regularly as possible. This will be the only official format we will be using to get information to our members. If it is not heard from this committee directly, it is to be considered rumour.
This information that will be posted on our Locals website will be translatable into any language that is required for the convenience of our entire membership. We will add that any document we present to the membership will be available in the language that allows for complete understanding of our message, and information regarding the entire process.
Keep in mind that the members of this prospective committee believe in the principals of the Union, and what unions believe in and stand for. This prospective committee is dedicated to produce a fair and equitable agreement.
With this in mind, there is a lot of work ahead of us, so lets stay united, and move forward with Unity and Solidarity.

More Bargaining information to come soon.

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Strike Mandate Vote Explained

Strike mandate vote made simple: understand What your yes vote means:
A strike mandate vote is NOT a vote to strike. Rather, it IS a vote to show the employer that you support your bargaining committee and the proposals we have developed together, by giving your bargaining committee a mandate to call for a strike, at sometime in the future, if necessary to secure a fair contract for all of us. Again, a strike mandate vote is NOT a vote to go on strike. In fact, history shows that a high “YES” vote in the mandate vote tends to reduce the likelihood that a strike will be necessary, as the company will become more willing to work with our bargaining committee to make the improvements to the contract members have asked for. History also shows that a week mandate vote results in prolonged negotiations and concessions to the current contract provisions.
Why do we need to hold a strike mandate vote?
A clear “YES” vote is our ONLY source of bargaining power. But until we have a strong YES result in the mandate vote, very little progress is likely to be made at the table. This helps the bargaining committee speed up the bargaining process, as well as convince the company to continue to bargain toward a fair contract that addresses the memberships priority concerns. It tells the decision makers on the company side they must bargain with us fairly, as equals inn the negotiation process. It makes certain that both parties come to the table with a mandate to bargain a contract, and as such speed up the process.
Will there automatically be a strike if I vote “YES” in the strike mandate vote.
We have heard that some members worry that a strike mandate vote means that a strike will occur. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. While a YES VOTE does give the bargaining committee consent to use their judgment and consider calling for a strike if necessary, at some point in the future and ONLY in the event that talks break down and we are otherwise unable to negotiate a fair contract that addresses the needs identified by our members, a strike WILL NOT necessarily occur. Although we have NOT started the bargain process with the company at this time, we feel the need the members to be informed of all the terminologies and processes that will be taking place starting soon.
What will happen if I VOTE YES? What If I VOTE NO?
The good news is that, assuming members vote YES in the strike mandate vote, it is very likely that a fair contract can be reached at the bargaining table. Through dozens of successful strike mandate votes through out our history, if the membership does not vote YES, in the mandate vote, we will continue bargain, but we will have no power at the table, there will be no gains made in the contract, but rather, there will be loss wages, benefits along with language in our CBA.

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