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      Sergio Vassalli – Joe Paquette – Gary Pedron – Frank Crowder

This Negotiation Committee wants to thank all our members that participated in our Contract Survey we recently handed out.
There were a lot of excellent, sound points presented that will be reflected in our proposal.

The following are the results of the collected surveys and we wanted to share this with our members, so everyone is clear as to where the majority of our members thinking needs are. Again, these will be presented in our proposal to the company.

Pension 90%   Wages 80%

Benefits 75%   Cola 45%

There were very hot topics including air quality, safety issues, price (time studies, not grievable, line start ups), seniority, sick days, notice of shift change and job postings.

There were issues that were departmently related, and as we stated in earlier handouts, we will be addressing issues as related individually to each Department.

At this point, the committee, through our Steelworker representatives, have sent in our notice of intent to bargain about a month ago and have requested all relative information pertaining to our pension plans, benefits and other information for our legal team, as well as our Steelworker specialist advisors to review and provide us with recommendations and opinions.

Meetings with all relative representatives have also been requested, and we now have received the requested information from National Steel Car. We have also requested meeting with our plan providers (pension, benefits) to discuss how to move forward in our proposals.

Currently, we have not received, nor have we presented any proposals with the company. We will keep the membership informed to any exchanges with the company as we progress.

We will be requesting a date in the near future to address all outstanding grievances and set dates to begin the process of Bargaining.

This committee apologizes to all members that had issues registering or completing the surveys online. These issues have been resolved, it is now mobile friendly, and we made it easier for our members that have language barriers to read and understand. We remain committed to keep all our members clearly involved and informed.

The Negotiation Committee is looking for volunteers from each department, to help us understand the individual Department issues, and actively participate with the committee as part of our contract action team.

Contract Action Team members are very important in the process. These members are the Negotiation Committee direct access to the membership If we are not available while in bargaining. These representatives will have direct contact to the committee, so any information that that needs to be addressed or put out will be available through the contract action team.

When both sides are ready to meet, and as information becomes available, these are the people that will have the direct, accurate information to inform our members.

We will be updating our website with information as it is available and inform our Contract Action Team with this information. We remind everyone, if you do not hear it from the Negotiation committee, the Contract Action Team, or received from the website usw7135.ca, then it is a rumour.

Please remember to register yourself on our website, as you will need to be registered to access the information as it is “for members only” and will not allow access for nonregistered people.

Directions are provided on this site, to help you register, but if you have any problems, we will be able to help you with this.

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It’s great to see more of our members about to return to work from layoffs.

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All members,

While the Negotiating Committee has had several meetings with the company, I feel progress has been slow. I WANT TO ADVISE ALL MEMBERS WE ARE NOT IN A LEGAL STRIKE POSITION. While our initial strike vote was clearly successful in bringing the company to the table during the COVID crisis, we the negotiating committee will need the service of appointed Conciliator to request a No Board report.

Hopefully, this will move the process. It is unfortunate that we will need to have a strike vote as well. I advise all Brothers and Sisters not to listen to rumours and opinions. The full Negotiating Committee will keep you informed.

In Solidarity,

Sergio Vassalli


 To All Members of Local 7135.

The Negotiating Committee has reached a tentative agreement. This Will potentially be handed out tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience,

President Sergio Vassalli

I want to thank all workers of NSC for their generous contributions for the Cowan family.

Mrs.Cowan would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt contributions, during these trying times. They are much appreciated.

The sum of $3583.00 was collected.

I want to thank all the Reps that took the time to do the work to support this cause.

Thank you for your generosity.
President Sergio Vassalli