Holiday bulletin

The executive would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would also encourage everyone to be safe this Holiday Season.

Please take the time to plan your transportation if you intend to enjoy some alcholic beverages. Have a designated driver or take a cab when you go out. Don’t just consider the consequences you would suffer for being over the limit while driving, consider the tragedy a family would incur if an accident were to happen.

We had our Union/Management meeting on December 11th.

P1 – Tri levels until the first week of June, hopeful for more.

P2 – Potash until the 2nd week of February and hopefully more Hopper cars to follow.

P3 – Flat car until the end of February with two shifts. Hopefuls for this line are possible Well cars, more Flats and Rotary Dump cars.

P5 – Starting in February Rotary Dump cars 1 shift until August.

P7 – No orders but hopefully in February we will return to the Well cars.

We are in a hiring position for welders and painters.

Our new Blue Cross drug cards will be available after December 17th and they can be picked up at human resources. Please notify your pharmacy and dentist of the change which will occur on January 1st to ensure proper coverage.


Bob Pelletier

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